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This is an activity we all have practice at least once. Let’s try to give a definition and say hiking is what you do when you walk on path and routes that are conveniently signposted. It’s also what we do when we walk paths without signs, or go through isolated places with more skilled routes or hard access, but there are people who prefer to call this last one backpacking or trekking.
We don’t want to put labels on anything and, instead, we consider hiking everything from a simple walk to an alpine activity. We insist that these categories are nothing but intent to delimitate and define something that we all have done at least once and that one way or the other we all know about. We all have enjoyed this activity; the best one if we want to take some time to get to know the place we are visiting, and having an opportunity to really enjoy it.
For us, hiking is something like the core of every activity we practice outdoors: it’s the cheapest one, you don’t need to have any skill’s good level to start and you can do it at any moment of the year, in a nutshell, there is no reason not to practice hiking.

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