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  One of the most exciting activities that can be practiced in the mountains and, at the same time, one of the quietest. How is that possible? Very simple, technique and balance are mixed with the risk of knowing that you are several meters above the ground in order to achieve a strange variety of sensations.

 Climbing is a branch of mountaineering that starts when you need to use your hands to climb. It has evolved to become a sport with its own identity, sometimes very distant from classical alpinism.

 A few variations of this sport have been developed, among which stand out:

- Sport climbing, which is probably the most practiced. It consists of climbing walls that have a series of anchors that have been previously placed. The climber does not need specific equipment in order to get anchored to the wall and simply uses the generic anchors and other stuff that is suitable for all routes.

- Trad climbing is the most “mountainous”. In this modality, routes are not equipped with anchors and climbers must carry their own equipment in order to be safe as they climb. It needs assistance from very specific equipment and is therefore a less accessible sport.

- Bouldering is practiced without ropes. Big walls are not climbed, instead it is practiced in stone blocks (hence its name) and it is probably the most technical.

- Via ferrata is a new modality which is available to almost everyone. In this modality, walls are climbed assisted by rungs and steps and secured by a steel cable.

Besides these,there are many othervariants that make itpossible to saythat climbing isa sportwith its own identity.

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