Care and maintenance of the wetsuit

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The wetsuit is a fundamental element in water sports (for all types of surf, diving, canyoning…) as it protects us from the cold. It is made of a different textile to which we are used to so the material requires a different but simple care that we explain you in the next steps:

1.) Sweeten your suit.

 As you know sea salt is bad for practically all materials we use and our wetsuit is not an exception. When we take it off we can wash it with fresh water so it does not dry with sea salt that could damage it.

2.) Do not dry them in the sun.

The exposure of wetsuits to the sun can damage them because it makes them increasingly losing properties and get old sooner. Keep this in mind when you use it, we are not saying that you should avoid sunlight, this is impossible, but try prevent it from an unnecessarily light, such as when you dry it with the sun.

3.) Put it to dry turned around and hung it in half

When we say half we refer to the waist level not with a coat hanger shoulders. With these two simple tips you will lengthen the life of your suit for a long time.

4.) To wash it use shampoo or specially designed product for the costume.

There are many antibacterial products that help to remove the bad odor that the suit acquire with the use, you can also use soap or shampoo. Wash in cold or warm water, as you prefer, but never hot and you should be sure to rinse the soap you use.

We do not recommend to put it in the wash machine, but if you do, NEVER CENTRIFUGED OR USE HOT WATER.

5.) Save the suit preventing deformation.

Depending on the space that you have at home you can save your costume basically in two ways:
- Hanging on a hanger: To prevent deforming the suit, try the hanger having the largest possible area - wide and long as you can - so the weight is distributed and deformed less.
- We can also keep the suit in a box or drawer so you have to bend without forcing so it will to not get deform.

I hope you have been useful this post and if you consider that we have forgotten something, let us know in the comments bellow.

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