Scuba diving

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Some people see this sport like a risk activity, but scuba diving is one of the safest and most practiced sports. When you are in the water the silence, the different color’s perception, and the sensation of gravity zero can take you to another world, so different and unexplored.

There are many modalities in this sport, starting with the distinctions between autonomous (apnea and scuba diving with devices) and not autonomous (diving suit and snorkeling).

In sporting scuba there are several modalities:

- Free scuba diving or apnea.

- Autonomous scuba diving with devices, divided in many specialties. The most practiced is open water diving, the one practiced in the sea, cave diving when is practice in caves, and high diving when is practiced in lakes, and many more. This modality usually requires a certificate, but there is the possibility to do a “baptisms” not very deep to try the experience.

- In the not-autonomous scuba diving we can find diving with diving suit, but the one used the most is the one with a tube known as snorkeling.

Many are the modalities to enjoy the water environment, which is yours?

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