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Who doesn’t want to live a free fall experience? This is an extreme sport per excellence. Pure adrenaline that can be found in many modalities, among which you can find:

- Tandem Jump: It was thought for those who wanted to live the sensation of a free fall without doing the course, it consist in jumping with an instructor. Thanks to this possibility there is no excuse to not jumping on a parachute at least once.

- Skydiving: for those who do take the course, not everything is falling and opening the parachute. They can take thousands of jumps and they wouldn’t domain the several modalities offered by this sport, which can be divided in the ones practiced during the fall (relative, free fly, birdman, atmonauti,…) or with the parachute open (swoop pound, precision, canopy relative work,…).

- Base Jump: only for expert parachutist, this specialty is a jump, not from a plane, but from a fix altitude. In fact it owns its name to the acronym:

B (building),

A (antenna),

S (span),

E (earth), all places from where you can jump.

It’s the most extreme variant of an already extreme sport. 

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